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Local SEO

Local SEO tips for your website. I have been waiting for this one. This is my favorite subject.

Who does your website attract?

Some business websites are set up to promote products and services without thinking about who they want to attract. But your website should be your most important marketing tool.

And whether you have a local restaurant or an e-commerce business that doesn’t have a physical location, you should work to attract local clients First. See, people do business with people that they know, like, and trust, and there’s a certain level already established of that know, like, and trust with local businesses.

Local SEO

That doesn’t mean you only market to your local community. In fact, here’s a little known secret: Let’s say you run a fashion boutique or an electrical supply company in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, we’ll say. So, you can use keywords, and i talked about keywords in another video. I’ll try to link that in the comments area. You can, anyway, you can use keywords like a fashion boutique or electrical supply. But you can also use fashion boutique Pittsburgh or fashion boutique in Pittsburgh. So, you can put the city or even the suburb name as part of your keyword. The secret is; if you use fashion boutique or even electrical supply, whatever it might be, Pittsburgh, a location-based keyword, the search engines will pick up both the local and the worldwide Keywords. They’ll see electrical supply Pittsburgh, but they’ll also see just electrical supply.

So, doing online marketing that targets a local audience does not diminish your national advertising efforts. But here’s the rub: the search engines are one thing, people are another. Let’s say you’re a real estate agent in Los Angeles and the front page of your website boldly advertises how you help people in the Los Angeles area. However, you also know San Diego well.

How do you market to both the local Areas?

Well, the answer may be a little simpler than you think. On the front page of your website Advertise that you specialize in helping people both in Los Angeles and San Diego. Then, create a marketing webpage for each city that markets to that particular audience. Hey, that’s great, Dr. Ty, you may say, but I have an e-commerce site and sell around the world.


Local SEO

How do I market to all those areas?

Well, the answer is: You don’t. At least, not Specifically. Your front page at that point should just market to your target audience without talking about your location. But you can still create marketing pages that include your home city. Talk about how your product helps your local customers. Maybe even get some local testimonials just for that page. But don’t think you can do this for every major city in the world. Yeah, there are some sites that have marketing pages for 10, 20, even 100 cities. That’s called spam and the search engines are getting smart enough to see it for what it is. Don’t give in to that temptation, it may actually hurt your search engine standing in the long run. You see, the search engines know where you live. I don’t mean that to sound Ominous, but the search engines know where you live so they know what your home city is. Oh, in a couple weeks I’ll be talking about using google places for local marketing also, so stay tuned for that one. Anyway, having a marketing page about your hometown will make sense to the search engines. But, having 50 marketing pages about UK cities when you live in Australia won’t. So, don’t try to turn your web site turn your website into a spam factory. But creating a few marketing pages won’t hurt as long as you do it right. Hey, have a great day everybody!

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