Make PASSIVE INCOME Online: $100,000/Year Passively

I’m going to show you how to make a passive income online and I’m also going to give you a complete plan studying from complete zero as a total beginner how you can move towards making a hundred thousand per year online as a passive income if you’re new to my channel my name is Tirupur jobs on this channel I publish regular video is dedicated to making money online affiliate marketing and blogging

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first of all I want to give you some of my personal passive income examples and personally, I do this with very simple websites I’m going to show you some examples in just a minute but just so that you’ve got this really good understanding of how I personally do this I put out this simple you can call them online assets they’re completely passive very very simple websites that get traffic every single day from people simply searching for different things online and when they find my websites they jump onto my websites they click on ads on my side they also buy things via my links while they’re browsing my websites and I get paid by the Commission’s or ad revenue from people being on


my sites now what I want to underline or highlight here is that all of this happens while I’m asleep if I’m on holidays I can take a year off and these websites will continue working for me without my involvement they’re completely automated so here is one example where if you jump into Google right now and you type in free traffic sources which is a common search query you will actually see that one of my websites is coming up here on page one so that’s me here caffeinated free traffic sources this is my blog post and it’s coming up for this in Google and there are thousands of and thousands of people that search for these terms every single day on Google now, of course, I have many websites and I have many pages on each website okay so this is I’ve got these times hundreds that happen every single day but once somebody clicks on this search result


I don’t need to do anything this justhappens on for me they will read my article thatthey’ve got here and they will click on some of the links here for example I’mtalking about how to get free traffic with tailwind and I’ve got a link herefor people to sign up to tell wind via my affiliate link now if they sign upthe tailwind which is Pinterest marketing tool via mylink these guys via a special link called the affiliate link and wheneversomebody signs up for tailwind I get paid a certain amount in commissions sojust this one little post that I showed you before he’s bringing me daily salesyou can see there are transactions almost every day 28th of June 28th ofJune 28th of June 27th of June 27th of June 27th of June so people are findingit and they’re signing up to tailwind and I’m making all of these money fromjust one of those pages I’m not promoting anything else inside the sharea cell network all of these sales are from tailwind so I’m going to show youhow to set this up further in this video I’m going to explain everything step bystep but I’ll just give you another example if you search for sharks in BoraBora which is once again a very popular term another one of my websites Travelcroc is coming up and you will see that if I go here to I come up as number onein Google for that so that’s really really awesome and anyone who lands onmy site they will read this article about sharks and Bora Bora again allautomatically without any of my involvement and you will notice thatI’ve actually got ads so this is an ad by Google it’s displayed automatically Ididn’t insert this ad all right this all happens automaticallythere is another ad and another ad and another round and I get paid an amountof money anytime somebody clicks on this earth so on travel croc I’ve got dozensand dozens of articles that are getting completely free passive traffic justlike these from Google search and then when people browse the website and theyget shown these ads that Google automatically inserts for me anytimethey click on this out

I get paid a certain amount so now let’s talk about step by step process of how you can go about setting up these profitable completely passive niche websites for yourselves as well so the very first step is to choose a niche for example the niche of my travel blog Travel Club comm is a travel and on this blog, I cover various destinations of you know the people can check out and can find on Google and can read about and can learn more about some other examples of Nicias that you can choose for your website our fishkeeping and aquariums there is another type of niche succulents and cacti for example for people that want to learn more about different types of succulents and cacti another type of niche could be gardening

where you give gardening advice for how to grow tomatoeswhat kind of soils work for different plants another type of niche could beinterior design and what sort of things can buy to make the living room and thekitchen look good and what kind of carpets they can use in their home wellmy channel actually cover different niches pretty regularly so if you wantto learn more about different types of niches then jump over to my channel andthen here go where it says home video is just going to playlists and one of theseplaylists is called best blogging niches so if you watch these playlists thereare quite a few different niches that I talked about another pretty awesome wayto find some ideas for what kind of niche you might start a website in is totype in blog income reports and then read all of the reports that come up sothere are some posts where you can find 53 different blog income reports or 50different blog income reports and each of them is in a different niche and eachof the bloggers in these collected lists reveals how much they make and how muchthey make as well so that’s really really really really useful for a nicheresearch for example you can see there is a blog and a parenting niche thatmakes 4 grand per month frugal living food intentional living lifestylevegenaise etc

so that’s just another really awesome way to come up with someideas for what kind of niche you want to be in step 2 is to register your websiteand create your website it’s very easy if you have never created a websitebefore don’t worry it is super easy just literally takes a few minutes to do youwill need to find a hosting company I personally use side ground comm they’rea really really good hosting company that I’ve used for years and I couldn’tbe we are the excellent customer serviceand you can sign up to that using my alert link below I just get asmall amount of compensation if you do sign up for my link obviously you can godirect as well it’s completely up to you guys now once you’re on the side groundwebsite you can jump into this area here where it says managed wordpress hostingand then you can click get started and then just sign up for any of these plansif you are new and if you only have one website

you can totally go with just the cheapest plan now this is Australian dollars don’t worry guys it’s only it’sa lot less in u.s. I think it’s 395 in US dollars this is just my localAustralian currency and this will allow you to have one website and it alsoallows you to have approximately 10,000 visitors per month you can alwaysupgrade later or if you do want to grab a bigger plan obviously can do that nowas well now once you go to get plan you will see that it allows you to choosethe man and says please enter your domain okay so you can register a newdomain right here so just in case you’re wondering what a domain actually isdomain is just literally this so the domain name for travel croc is travelcroc com the domain name for caffeinated bloggers caffeinated so it’sjust the web address that you type into the browser or into a search engine tofind you okay

so if you don’t currently have a domainthis is we can register so for example if you went with a fish keeping nicheyou could register a fish keeping domain and I recommend choosing where it sayscalm down at you because I’m in Australia default to that but Irecommend choosing a calm that’s the classic sort of domain extension and itwill be handy for you down the track when people are trying to find you youknow instead of registering like a weird extension such done and said Ohdot call or don’t be all of those kind of extensions just go with the dot-comif you’re not sure which kind of domain to register then you can jump over and this is where you can check domains and it will allow you tocheck with a particular domain that you think you’re buying is actuallyavailable so you can see I’ve come up with fishkeeping paradise comand that is actually available I can register it or Namecheap for $10 peryear

you can totally do that but actually the simplest way to do this interms of the technical setup is to register it over here on site groundcomm it’s a tiny bit more expensive it’s 19 Australia for a year instead of $10Australian for a year but I’m fine with that because it’ll save us a bit of timeso you can type it in here WWF fish keeping dot-com actually dot-com isalready there so the fish keeping paradise calm and then just click onproceed so after that you’ll need to fill out all the information here itsays account info so your address your payment information and then forpurchase just make sure that you know what you’re signing up for so you canchoose a period here 12 24 36 months you can even go with one month if you reallywant to they’ll just cost you kind of a tiny bitmore in terms of the cost for the next 12 months but at least you know itreduces your upfront cost all right so then look at this where it says domainprivacy

you don’t actually need to do that it’s totally optional if you wantto get a domain privacy this just means that when somebody looks up yourinformation online they can’t find your address and also you don’t really needthis as G site scanner so don’t worry about that this is a monitoring servicebut you can use free services to do that as well then you just need to take theselast couple of boxes and click Buy Now and metal direct you into the siteground comm interface and your domain your website fishkeeping paradise com inthis instance will already be registered after you payment goes through you’llfind yourself in a dashboard that will look similar to what you can see hereyou will then need to go to websites and your website should already be here soin our example previously was fishkeeping paradise this is just thetest website that I use for some of these videos Greg’s awesome website com

what you will need to do on this website is to click on something thatsays WordPress kit over here and that will allow you to install WordPress nowWordPress is just the backend code that will allow you to manage your posts andcreate posts it kind of converts your website intosort of like Microsoft Word it’s very simple to use you will need to installit first it’s free to do that choose this option here side tools that willopen up these interface here and then go down to WordPress and choose install andmanage and that will allow you to install WordPress on to your domain sosee what set where it says install

new WordPress just go WordPress select andthen enter all of the details here you will need to enter so for domaininstallation path you just want to leave it the way that it is right now you wantit installed into the main site not into a folder on your website and I’m takingthis you don’t want this WordPress startup ok so there’s just some defaultdata you don’t want that installed at allfor admin info you will need to enter your username and password you cangenerate the password here but you will need to enter username enter your emailover here and then you will need to click install and that will install theWordPress and instance for you onto your website once it’s installed you’ll see asuccess message similar to this I’m just going to zoom out so you can see here itsays WordPress is installed and you can either view your website or log into theadmin panel

so if you can click view your site you’ll actually see that thereis already some sort of websites template that’s installed but we canchange it to something much nicer in just a second as well but you alreadyhave your website it’s already live and you can click this option here adminpanel to actually log inside your into the backend of your WordPress website sonow you can see we are logged in and it says my WordPress and this is where youcan manage your website you can make new posts you can create new pages and ifyou need to access it in the future it’s just always going to be at your domainname slash WP dash admin this is where you can access it at any time in thefuture you might need to use those login and password details that we set up inone of the earlier steps you saw how simple it was to create a site it’s notscary at all it’s actually very very easy next step is to install a wordpresstemplate to make our site look a little bit nicer for this you will need to goback inside your wordpress admin interfaceand click here to appearance themes and this is where you can find new themesthere are lots of free themes that you can use there also premium themes butyou don’t need to spend money unless you are ready for it so where it says searchinstall themes

next to it see it says add new so click that button and this iswhere you can search themes in the WordPress database so you can type inthis theme that I really like it’s called airy it’s free it’s this websitetheme here the first one that comes up so just click install on it and it willinstall that theme for you so then you can click activate that will activateyour theme and if we refresh this website now you will see that the actualwebsite is starting to look a little bit differently the theme will control howyour website appears it will control the font so for example if I now click onthis example post you can see that it’s got you know the way that the commentsare formatted and it has a slightly different font to the previous themethat we had so area is is one of many different themes that you canpotentially use we’re now ready to start looking for keywords and topics to publish your content on so that you can start getting that free Google trafficthat you can then convert into cells and into ad revenue to find awesome keywordsthat you can rank for the easiest thing to do is what I call reverse engineeringother people’s websites so if you type in one of the keyword terms that arerelated to the niche that you are thinking of going into that will bringup some potential blocks for you for example I’ve typed in fishkeepingtips and here I can see practical fishkeeping select aquatics Marinelandetc I can see there is another site here fishkeeping WorldCom’s if but look atfishkeeping welcome this looks like a fish keeping blog this is probably veryvery similar to something that you want to build with your website as well youwant to have a blog similar to what you can see here with ads with affiliatelinks so we can take this domain here and we can reverse engineer it thereverse engineer the the the actual keywords that that website is using wecan use a tool called HFS calm ATF’s is a paid tool

but youcan actually get a seven dollar trial for seven days and do all of yourresearch in those seven days and then cancel the plan if you don’t want tokeep the plan or if you can’t afford the plan but h refs is actually a reallyreally good tool I’m going to show you how to use slightly different tool whichis free a little bit later on in this video as well so for now let’s copy andpaste that domain into side explorer here on a través and we will click thesearch button and it will give us all the information that we need to knowabout this website so you can see that it’s currently ranking for one hundredeighty thousand different organic keywords is getting a lot of organictraffic per month as well now this is just an approximation of coursegenerally I find that real traffic stats are actually much higher two to threetimes higher than what href estimates but still we can see that this websitegets probably a ten thousand to maybe thirty thousand daily visitors everysingle day which is really awesome now we can click on 180 K on this one to seeall of the keywords that this website is currently ranking for before we do thatthough I just want to show you something organic traffic so this website reallyonly started growing in January 2018 so just over two years ago about two and ahalf years ago and in this period of time it managed to grow to a completelymassive website so this just shows you the opportunity that the internet givesyou if you decide to do the same thing and you work hard on your website thereis no reason why you can’t get to the same level within two years or possiblyeven faster now okay let’s click on this organic keywords 180 K and this willgive us all of the different keywords that this website is currently rankingfor so here we go one hundred and twenty different one hundred and twentythousand different keywords now you can play with this in your own time but

whatI recommend for you to do is to go into KD field the k d stands for keyworddifficulty and we want to find keywords that are very easy to rank for thatdon’t have a lot of competition to do that just put in maximum KD or fourclick apply and we will still get tens of thousands of keywords I’m sure solet’s check what that can up with we can see that’s reduced to60,000 which is still a lot of different keywords and here we’ve got all thecritical information that we need to know that’s the keyword that thiswebsite is ranking for that’s the keyword difficulty okay and that’s theposition that that website is ranking for so there are some keywords here lookat that some keywords have keyword difficulty of zero that just means thatif you create an article even if your website is brand new and doesn’t have alot of authority you’ll have a really high chance of ranking on page one forthis particular term on Google any keyword difficulty or 4 or less isextremely easy to rank for and as you can see that gives you 60,000 differentkeyword and article topic ideas so realistically you probably will never beable to publish that much content you know 60,000 articles is a lot so thatjust means that really there are opportunities for everyone if out of thepeople who are watching this video today if even 50 of you decide to start inthis niche just in the fishkeeping niche you will have hundreds and hundreds ofunique unique articles each that you decide to write content on so step 5 isto create content let’s do that together let’s say I decided to create an articleon this topic here water wisteria I have no idea what waterways Theory even is sothe first thing that I would personally do is type in what are we staring intoGoogle and read as many of these articles as I can so maybe the top 4 andI would literally just read this in detail to understand what is waterwisteria okay

looks like it’s actually a plant so I would read all of this indetail and learn as much as possible in my own mind about what are we stearatebefore I create content on it next I would recommend for you to go back intothe WordPress dashboard and go into plugins and install a plug-in underplugins go add new install a plug-in called Yoast SEO that will allow us tosearch engine optimize our posts it’s a free plug-in so there’s absolutely nocost or reason not to use this plugin so just go install now and activeonce it is installed the next thing that I like to do personally is to installanother plugin that is called classic editor so that just eliminates the needto use the new WordPress editor that I don’t really like personally and I Idon’t think I’m the only one because there are five million activeinstallations of classic editor so I just recommend for you to install thisthat makes it very nice and easy for you to use WordPress so after this classtogether there is installed and activated that’s when you can start tocreate a new post so on the left hand side are going to post and go to add newand this will allow you to start creating a new post and we need to givethe posted title so let’s call it water wisteria the ultimate guide now theimportant thing here is that you will see that your SEO is here down below andit will allow us it will guide us through what we need to do to make surethat our post has got the best chance for ranking in Google for theseparticular keywords we want to enter the focus key phrase that we’re targetingwhat are we Syrian here if you are unsure how to call your post you can dothat by exploring how other people have called their posts so you can see hereit says we can even look on Google complete water wisteria care guide whatare we Styria good so guides seem to be a pretty common theme in the names oftheir posts

I am quite happy with what we steer in their ultimate guideokay and now we can start creating the actual content so what it is is you justpoint your mouse and click and start typing this is how simple it is tocreate content so you just need to write an article and to write an article youneed to do your research the way that I showed you before you need to read allof these and then essentially create a plan for your post and type it in inyour own words do not copy and paste other people’s content that’s calledstealing and plagiarism and actually that will prevent you from ranking inGoogle because Google will know that this is duplicate content so if you justcopy this I can paste it into your site that’s not good to not do that that willget you in trouble and won’t give you any resultsat all what you can do though is borrow some ideas as to the structure of thearticles for example as I’m reading this I might be making notes for myself forsubheadings so I can go here and create heading two that just creates sort ofslightly larger text like this I guess to break up your article so you can sayintroduction and then as you’re reading this you can see what else they’vetalked about so what do they talk about care for I can’t read productions sothen

the next subsection here could be let’s just copy and paste this and wecan say water wisteria reproduction okay and then the next section could besuitable fishes okay so suitable pipes fish and againlet’s just put that as h2 so now we kind of have gotten some ideas what the writeabout then from another article maybe from let’s say this one here I mightborrow some other ideas for what content to cover from this one I might borrowbuying water wisteria okay where to buy what are we steering how to care so thatwill give us the different subheading or sort of subtopic ideas to cover in ourarticle now as you are typing as you’re creating your content Yoast SEO willhelp you and to do that you need to click this SEO analysis and you can seehere it is giving you different feedback so for example it says there are nooutbound links that appear on this page you need to add some okay then it alsosays well that’s on the problems and under good resultit says key phrase and introductions

How To Create a Business Growth Strategy

so I used what are we Steve introductionthat’s good it also talks key word key phrase length so as you are typingdifferent things it will continue giving you feedback and you just need to makesure that you fix as many of the problems and move them into the goodresults as possible that will ensure that your content is actually good andsearch engine friendly here are some simple studying guidelines for how tomake sure that your content is very well optimized to rank in Google and that isthe first thing is your content needs to be at least 2,000 words per post Googlethese days really prefers long-form content you can of course also anneleis how long the competitors content is if all of their content is only 400words that you can probably get away with 500 or a thousand but in generalbecause your website is going to be brand new and the other guys websitesare quite established you want to compete with them and you want topublish longer content than the other results on page one you also need to fixeverything that your SEO highlights for you and you need to mention the keywordthat you’re targeting three to ten times in the article body and at least once inthe title that’ll give you a really good chance of appearing there in page

onefor the results on Google search for the keyword term so once you have publishedyour post about water wisteria guess what there are still tons ofopportunities for you to publish more so you will need to continue this processand publish more and more of your content until eventually you will have ablog that looks like this we’ve got plenty of high quality content that isposted so what can you expect from now on well after you publish several postsabout two to four weeks after your posts get published they will get indexedindexed means that they are in Google database it doesn’t mean thatstraightaway you will get onto page one but Google will actually index them itwill analyze them and it will start considering to include them now you willneed to get some trust from Google first and that takes a little bit of timeafter 20 to 30 posts is generally when you will get some trust from GoogleGoogle will not rank a website with just one post it just does not happen becausethey want to see that this website is high quality and it’s actually committedto regularly publishing high-quality content if you keep up with this then in3 to 6 months your traffic will start to grow really quickly for example here onthe page you can see the stats for one of my websites eats another blog infitness niche and for this blog you can see I started in May 2000 and 19 and mywife has mostly been working on and and basically for the first few monthsthere’s not a lot happening we started getting a couple of hundred visits perday after a couple of months

but it does take some time for it to start growingthere was a bit of a dip here because of the Christmas New Year people are notinterested in fitness and then there was a bit of a dipbecause of the whole situation around the world the global health situationaround the world right now but now the traffic and the interest are growing sopeople are starting to become interested in that again so overall you can seethat for the first few months you know don’t get discouraged just continueputting out that high-quality content I’ve done this with many of my blogsthat’s just the way that Google works it needs to gain trust in you and in yourcontent so you can’t stop if after a month or two you’re not getting massiveresults just yet because it does take a little bit of time to actually startgetting really good results like what you can see here but now we’ve had manydays where we get three to four thousand visitors per day to this blog and itwill only continue growing

if your website gains Authority and you put outmore content how do you actually then make them money from all of that contentthat you’re going to be creating well once you hear approximately 100 visitorsper day you need to apply to Google Adsense program I’ll show you in just amoment how to do that once you hitting those numbers apply to Google Adsenseand once you get a proof that will automatically give you a code that youcan insert into your website and it will start automatically showing ads youdon’t need to do anything aside from just the inserting a tiny bit of codeinto your sites there are instructions for how to do that now Google Adsense isgood when you’re first starting out your blog that the payouts are actuallypretty good but once you start getting more and more traffic so once you hitfifty thousand visitors per month that’s when you can apply to media vine mediavine is a more premium ad service so that pay in on average they pay morethan Google Adsense but you do need to hit that minimum fifty thousand visitorsper month and once you exceed a hundred thousand visitors per month that’s whenyou can apply to ad thrive ad thrive in most cases pays even more than mediavine and more than Google Adsense but they also have that sort of higherminimum traffic requirement for the websites that want to monetize theirsite using a drive to apply to Google Adsense just type in apply GoogleAdsense and click one of these results

where it says get started with Adsenseso of course you’d only need to sort of worry about that once you’ve actuallygot started getting about 100 as per month so you’ll need to fill outthis application form where you put in the URL of your site email address etcand then you can continue application process it’s fairly straightforward aslong as you publish high quality content then you should define the only time youmight have an issue is if your site is not yet getting traffic you do need tostart getting traffic first before you go ahead and apply for google adsensebecause they want to see some value in reviewing your website you know if youonly got one post you’re not getting any traffic they don’t want to waste theirtime and resources reviewing your website right so they’ll reject it butif you are getting some good traffic that’s going to your website alreadyfrom google search and you’ve got some high quality content and a lot of highquality content then you shouldn’t have any issues and getting approved anotherway that you can make money from your website of course

How To Create a Business Growth Strategy


affiliate marketingand to do that you need to insert especially encoded affiliate links intothe content of your articles and that will credit you with any sales that yourvisitors make via your links so just once again to highlight that for you incase you skipped over it earlier in the video here’s an example of one of myblog posts that is monetized with affiliate links and here this link overhere at the bottom is I talked about yeah so he says sign up to tell one andstudy free trial ok so this is an affiliate link anyone who signs up usingthis special encoded link will result in a commission for me from the Tailwindaffiliate program to find the affiliate programs for your niche you can simplygoogle for something similar to what you can see here here I said aquariumaffiliate programs if you are in another niche such as gardening niche you cantype in gardening affiliate programs and then look at the lists of all thedifferent things that you can promote and recommend in your blog posts if youwant more information about different parts of the process then check thedescription the links in the description below just underneath this video I’mgoing to put links there to very detailed videos that walk you throughthings like affiliate monetization exactly how to do that how to build yourblog and in a bit more detail the technicalabout it all and other things that will definitely help you to grow your blogfaster also make sure to check out the videos here at the top that will helpyou with your online business and affiliate marketing

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