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SEO: How To Rank #1 On Google In 2021

Hello, hello, my name is Muniappan And in this Blog the biggest secret that I learned this year. I want to walk you through a process that I discovered over the course of time. When implementing certain techniques I’ve came to a conclusion.


So I want to walk you through a particular process that we’ve been implementing and we’ve seen Insanity as far as results And stick with me and you’re going to have the aha moment by the time the video is over So stick with me, I want to give you the biggest secret that I learned this year So stick with me here So one of the things that I learned this year Is matching the SERP right when we’re building out our web pages when we’re building out our pages. We need to meet the criteria Step by step and stick with me You’re gonna have the biggest aha moment by the end of it something that I had the same aha moment. So stick with me When we’re building out our pages We’re building them to the SERP what I mean by that is we’re building them to what is already being rewarded by google Same word count the same amount of pictures.

SEO Tips ,SEO ,Search Engine Optimization
SEO Tips ,SEO ,Search Engine Optimization

Everything is the same. Okay Now, sometimes you can’t do this. But as far as the on page the on-page is the same now stick with me so when we build out our pages the next step of it is We have our on page. So let’s here. Let me do it this way Our on-page is the same and bear with me because you’re going to have a major Epiphany, okay So on-page we’re matching the serp that’s what all these tools do your page optimizers your surfers Uh your chorus you’re matching.

What is already being rewarded, right?

This has been a revelation for the seo industry It has it not So that’s the first one we’ve learned that if we can do this. Wow, this is great But let’s talk about something and stick with me, please because i’m going to give you something that’s going to change everything for you The next one is and this has been going on forever matching the backlinks that our competition has Multi-million dollar companies have been built on this moz Ahrefs, uh scm rush, right? What are we doing? We’re looking at the off page seo work that has been done by who our competition We know that this has already been rewarded by google So we’re utilizing these tools for our off-page seo strategy And now the next one is i’m gonna i’m gonna lead you to what I learned this year. Okay something rather new But this is the off page.

We’re matching. What is already being rewarded by google? So these two here have been done by seos At least for the 10 years that i’ve been doing seo. This has been the magic potion forever right but now when we come into the end of 2020 2021 Actually, i’ve been doing it for quite some time now just been public with it We start looking at okay, how about user generated signals? Because we start looking at the top performing pages and this was ongoing and I think that this is hysterical When we’re looking at the top ranking pages the top ranking pages.

Yes. They have quality content Yes, they have they have set the quota for what the on page what everybody else is trying to match, right? They have said it this is what google is rewarding The on page they’re collecting all the links because it’s the top page for a particular search query So everybody’s going out and building those links makes sense, right? They stay at the top though. Why because they’re getting the clicks and they’re getting the traffic from multiple different keywords that’s coming in So the next step and stick with me, I haven’t even given you the the magical potion yet Or however, you want to look at it the secret whatever you want to call it.

Okay The word secret gets the click. That’s why I used it. Right but the information that I want to give you is going to be Stick with me please The last thing is is this if we’re matching the on page for good result if we’re matching the off page for good results

Why aren’t we matching the traffic from the keywords?

SEO Tips ,SEO ,Search Engine Optimization
SEO Tips ,SEO ,Search Engine Optimization

To get results a page is ranking for more than one reason. It’s getting traffic from more than one keyword it Probably rings for thousands of words In in local queries and in smaller queries, it only ranks for a couple right So why if I was sending in traffic or trying to? Manipulate traffic. Why wouldn’t I be trying to look and determine? The types of traffic that is coming in. So that is actually the next step and I didn’t even give you the tip yet So this is You know matching user Signals, okay. We’re going to call it user signals. We’re not talking about social signals that bs that the guys sell Uh, you know retweets and all that.


That’s completely Not what i’m talking about i’m talking about user generated signals sending in traffic from particular keywords that the top ranking pages are already receiving traffic from Right and ending up landing on my page the better answer So we have our user signals and we want to match the same thing So when i’m figuring out my on page now Let’s think of this from an analytical standpoint when i’m matching the on page i’m going through step by step Okay, how many words how many photos all right. What’s the densities? What’s the partial matches? Okay. What’s secondary keywords, right? You’re going down the list Off page.


How many backlinks?

how many of them are top level backlinks?

which ones are the highest quality backlinks?

which ones can I get for the best price right you’re going through your list?

The next step of it and now i’m about to give i’m gonna give you some tips when I go to the next section It’s gonna it’s gonna be the the epiphany moment So for user signals, it needs to be the same way I’m going to the top ranking page for whatever keyword in a particular industry i’m pulling in that particular page to see which keywords They’re also getting the traffic for Okay, now i’m making a list. Okay. He’s receiving 200 clicks from this particular keyword He gets 50 from this and nine from this and eight from this now take that down and make a five percent five percent of each number from each keyword That’s what I need to send to my site to send the signal to google that hey this site is relatively positive Why because i’m getting the same signals i’m receiving traffic from the same keywords at the top performing site Is just like the on page and just like the off page but it’s one more signal that’s important User generated signals is a ranking factor.

I don’t care what anybody says and i’m now i’m going to prove it Stick with me Now, let’s go down here now Let me prove it to you and I want you to go out and try this because this is something that i’ve been seeing over And over and over and over and over and over and I haven’t been able to put my finger on it But I finally have it i’m going to share it with you so here we Go let’s go over here Here is the pivotal moment that will certainly help you out I want you to think about this i’m going to give two scenarios When you build out a page, but it’s not to spec Okay

What I mean by to spec is the on page does not match what google is already rewarding?

I build a service page when it should be a blog I build a location page when it should be a state page. I build a category

when it should be a blog post, right?

That’s fitting the spec. Not only that the the serp is calling for a thousand words. I only wrote 200 The serp is calling for two thousand. I only wrote a thousand. Okay, i’m matching the serp That’s on page now with the backlinks Maybe the backlinks. I didn’t build them all out. I built a quarter of them. I built half of them And I want you to think about this Now if I launch a page that matches to spec for on-page Think about this this will give you the moment when you first launch the page, give me my give me my freaking pen back. I I love this tool though. Uh, it’s excellent. I love it for ,teaching SEO.

Go down here. Give me one second here. So when I launch a page, all right, bear with me Now i’ve matched the on page Did you ever notice this? All right if i’ve matched both of these elements, this is the on page. This is on Okay, just so we’re on the same page. This is off And then the real one that really matters is user. Okay, if you’re a white hat you could call this rankbrain right, uh user signals Okay, algorithm crunching from the user generated signals Is this actually popular so when I launch a page and my on page is on point what happens? I go to sometimes number 15. Sometimes I go to number nine, but google will test you here Let’s say we they test you at eight and you’ll see it’ll pop up You’ll be sitting on number eight for maybe just a couple hours ten hours sometimes a whole day That’s if you’re on pages right now. Sometimes if you have on page and off page On point one moment buddy.

I’m almost done you go ahead and do that Okay I’m, just i’m just teaching I’m not i’m not mad I’m, just teaching buddy uh So on page off page Now I think about this when you first launch a page they’re testing you right And this is this is the pivotal moment. This is the information that I want to give you If I match the serp and I don’t have any of the off page signals Right, if I match the serp with on page, they’ll test me at like number eight.

Sometimes number five in competitive niches You’ll go to page two like number 17 or 15, right? but if you build some backlinks beforehand, or you have a better page set up like say your uh Overall authority of your website is more powerful You’ll notice that you’ll boom jump rank and then you’ll sit there for longer longer. Am I wrong? Now, let me tell you the secret that I learned If I build out the page the on page to spec And what I mean by that just like we talked about everything is matching the serpent What google is looking for actually a little bit over a little bit higher densities maybe a few more images maybe right? Be my overall authority of my site It doesn’t have to match the serp but it has to at least have some of the powerful links that the top performing pages have Now the magic happens here and here’s the secret During this testing time. Here’s what I found and i’m excited to share it with you During that testing time those few hours right

Where google is testing your page in the serp?

What’s it looking for?

It’s looking for a user-generated signal to determine if you should be Inside of rank or you should be competing But when you launch a brand new page and no signals come in And signals don’t only have to be to that page signals could be Also coming to the website because if you have a popular website, maybe you’re getting clicks over but your website is getting traffic It’s getting clicks. It’s getting found in the serp So the pivotal moment the pivotal secret that I want to give you is during that testing time I have one minute left and i’m shutting this off One minute, sweetie and i’m shutting this off, okay I love you and give me one minute The secret is this all right, I gotta go During that testing time is the most important time to start sending in your user signals And it doesn’t matter what you’re using. It doesn’t matter If you can start sending in the clicks If you can start sending in the traffic more powerful if you can send them to that page right But don’t just send them over don’t just search for the actual keyword and go to the page. You need to already have your list What do you need a list of chris? Let me break it down because I get these questions The user signals list What other keywords are they bringing in and receiving traffic from? right So if if I complete the on page I complete the off page here.

I complete the off page Next is once I have my list when I start sending in that traffic during the testing state when i’m up in that top position The traffic I start sending in is the other keywords just like the main ranker is receiving If I start sending in the traffic Then the main ranking is receiving from those particular keywords from authority sites or wherever the heck they’re doing it Right wherever it’s coming from and for whatever keywords If I start sending in those signals during the testing phase I stay at the top of the ranking That’s the secret and it was a pleasure to give it to you. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been a lot of fun And the reason i’m so excited. I mean it has been over and over and over and over again Time and time again. It’s been showing me. This is how it works This is what’s going on if I match the on page if I have some of the links that my competition has and then At the pivotal moment when they’re testing my site if I can send in the user signals during that time frame Usually it’s about in a day 12 hours.

You’ll stay there. You’ll stay there almost for a whole day. Have you seen this before? If you haven’t then maybe you’re not watching your rankings, but during that pivotal moment If you take care of the user signals When you’re analyzing your competition, it’s not just about on page and off page But where is that page getting traffic from

what other keywords is it coming in from?

What other sites is it getting traffic from?

During the testing phase if I can even put in a percentage of what the leading competition is receiving as far as user signals If I can just match a fraction When I when I launch my page and i’m in that position i’ll stay there for longer because google will test me longer It’s the secret biggest secret that I learned this year It’s been an absolute pleasure. My name is chris palmer if you have any other questions related to seo anything it doesn’t matter seo digital marketing facebook ads ppc anything Black hat gray hat hacking. It. Doesn’t matter. You have a question. Send it to me I’ll be more than happy to answer it for you. It’s been an absolute pleasure I’m always blessed to be able to stand here and share this information with you No one else. Will right. I find it I give it to you That’s what I do It’s been a pleasure I love you. I gotta go. I gotta go hang out.

My little boy. I’ll answer one question two questions. Hopefully this has 28 thumbs up. Thank you, brother. Stephen kelly hall. Good morning, and remember i’m not mad. I just get excited I’m never i’m never never ever upset. Uh, i’m just happy amazing seo secrets. Yes. Oh, brother that is I draw it out people bust me, you know newcomers come in and they see it and they’re like, oh this is If you if you sit and watch the information i’m telling you How many of you seos out there have seen this during that testing phase.

I promise you I swear to you I I could I I literally we’ve been seeing this over and over again and then literally this has came to me in the past two tests We have ran this on launching brand new pages and i’m seeing. Oh, wow. It’s it’s testing me up here during this period of time Well during that period of time I start sending in the traffic and then i’m like whoa, wait a minute here i’m staying in place I’m, just saying it could be a fluke. I don’t know, but I wanted to share it with you It’s been a pleasure. Let me see here any other questions? My little guy’s here. My wife went out today I told him I said I said, uh, sweetie, you know, we got to go downstairs real quick I have to share this. I had you I was up all night long not all night You know I got to sleep, but I was up all night We were testing we were playing me and eric we’re like going bananas last night Uh, he’s my partner in crime not literal crime either uh Seo king. Chris. Thanks for sharing. You’re the 100.

Yes. Yes. Yes Absolutely. Enjoy this please watch the video If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below I got my little guy. I gotta go i’ve already been on 16 minutes 16 minutes away from him Is almost a lifetime, you know, how kids are it’s been an absolute blessing. I love you all Thank you so much for watching. I hope that you can rewind this If you have any questions, leave them in the comments i’ll see you in the next one. Have a blessed day

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